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hrive is a community-based organization in Uganda working to enable vulnerable children to live and thrive at home, within the care of their families and communities. Thrive works to keep families together, to ensure children live in safe and nurturing homes and to help children stay healthy and to remain in school.


Celebrating Children

Jennifer Martin


Last Friday Thrive hosted a Children's Day in Nawanzi village. Over 200 children and their caregivers attended. It was a day to formally introduce Thrive to the community and to the families and children with whom we will be working. 

he day began with a march through the community, where children and families joined in from their households. The march ended at the local playground where children, after weeks of practice, participated in sports activities and competitions. Children competed for prizes and trophies. There were also speeches from Thrive and local community leaders who talked about children's rights and who shared our vision for children in the community.

t was a busy day and satisfying day for the Thrive team in Uganda. We had an incredible turnout and the day was engaging for everyone involved. All together a very successful day!