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hrive is a community-based organization in Uganda working to enable vulnerable children to live and thrive at home, within the care of their families and communities. Thrive works to keep families together, to ensure children live in safe and nurturing homes and to help children stay healthy and to remain in school.


Our First Microfinance Groups

Jennifer Martin

Ggoge Women's Group got a boost from the visitors. Paul, Sam and Scovia visited the groups on 15.12.2012.JPG

Over the last four weeks the Thrive team have been working on mobilizing women into Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLA). VSLA are a type of microfinance where members meet each week to save money and loan it out to members. Members can access loans to set up income-generating businesses or to pay for family emergencies (i.e. medical care). It is these groups that will form the backbone of much of Thrive's work. We have three women's groups started in Namwanzi village, each self-governing and with approximately 15 women.  They are Ggogwe Tusse Kimu, Lukindu Tokolere Wamu, and Namwanzi Central. The Thrive staff are busy teaching each group how to operate as a VSLA and conducting support visits to help groups with leadership, financial management and book keeping. The women are highly motivated and excited to participate in their newly formed groups. They are already saving weekly and making loans out to group members.