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hrive is a community-based organization in Uganda working to enable vulnerable children to live and thrive at home, within the care of their families and communities. Thrive works to keep families together, to ensure children live in safe and nurturing homes and to help children stay healthy and to remain in school.


Learning From Child's I Foundation

Jennifer Martin


On September 26th the Thrive team, along with district leaders and development officers in Kalungu, travelled to Kampala for a day-long training with Child's I Foundation to learn more about best practice in resettling abandoned children into family care. This training is essential as Thrive and the district work together to safely and successfully help children transition from orphanages into family care.

Child's I Foundation (CIF) is both a pioneer and expert in Uganda the area of child resettlement. Having worked in the Uganda capital of Kampala for two years, Child's I Foundation rescues abandoned children under two years of age, rehabilitates them and in most cases is able to resettle them into their biological families. For children whose families they are unable to trace and for those who cannot return home due to child protection concerns Child's I Foundation find them permanent, loving adoptive families in Uganda. They are also in the process of setting up a foster care program in Uganda to further build up alternative care to keep children out of harmful institutions. Further, the majority of their children are placed into permanent families in less that 6 months from the date of admission into CIF's care!

The transition home can be difficult for children, especially for children who have spent a long time living in institutional care. The resettlement process requires attention to the wishes of the child and their family, visits to allow for bonding,  support in the form of income generation or parenting skills, counselling and follow up to ensure successful reintegration.  For this reason, the CIF training is the first of several trainings and ongoing support CIF will provide as we work to resettle children safely and successfully into their biological or foster families.

To learn more about Child's I Foundation visit them at: